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santiago, chile.



We are a study of architecture, design & manu- facture, focused on the understanding of geo- metric results in nature, for the development of artificial organic geometries, independent of geometric complexity, the focus is on organic lo- gics, the sense of form, Reason of its form of be- ing. Thanks to the abstraction and synthesis ca- pacity of artificiality, our design approach seeks to relegate the complex form behind the meaning and intelligence that creation can contain. It is of our special interest the mathematical ex- ploration of forms, through Of digital modeling fields, where our design and manufacturing processes have numerical con- trol, either in a computerized and / or analogous way. New edges have to be rewritten by the organic, the answers reside intrinsically in nature, an in- telligent design incessantly iterated by a large and complex algorithm that is the environment, from remote times has recorded in them the or- ganic criteria.