Casa FOA
Public bathroom #38, Casa FOA Chile.

Spring, 2016.

This project was carried out in conjunction with the industrial designer Jhan Carlos Arancibia de No_Made study, designed for Casa FOA Chile, in its first version and built by the collective plaza. The exhibition took place in Las Condes, Santiago, during the month of October and November of 2016. The basic idea of the project was to concentrate the ele- ments that make up the bathroom in the most synthetic way, mainly due to the few square meters. This was sol- ved in a single body, as a central pillar, which supports the suspended toilet, and on the other hand a lavamano made on the job, consisting of a stone plane that drains into the interior, has a faucet swallowed as a water curtain behind The mirror, without key as it has a motion sensor for the activation of the flow. The design skill consists of assembling artifacts, hydrau- lic systems, mirrors and sensors in a concentrated way. We laid the pillar diagonally to break the view towards the side of the toilet for privacy, the liner is a hexagonal cera- mic, and variable section.

2016 Kick off
2017 End Project