Bar Club — La Feria

winter , 2016.

This project was designed for the electronic music club “La Feria”, commissioned by sud productions built by the collective “La Plaza”, sponsored by Budweiser. It is a design that reinterprets the preexisting geometry in the club, grids of points of light, integrating a parame- tric variable, to appear a pattern in the front of the bar. The darkness and red light are kept in the sense of this nightclub. It consists of 6 linear meters of bar for public attention, in a glass cube and red acrylic backlit, perforated with a pat- tern of circles ordered in a grid and gradient according to size. For use of bartenders, a reconstituted quartz cover, with a backing of bottles inside acrylic tubes. Illuminated individually with a led spot on the base. This bar with access on both sides, located along one side of the dance floor, was proposed.

2016 Comissioned