Prima Materia

Summer , 2017.

it is the first delivery of digital goldsmithing made by our study, a self-loading project that seeks to consolidate pro- ductive chains, between the generation of digital design and local manufacture, with craftsmen and teachers, to create products with local technology. Through digital and analogous manufacturing processes, these pieces are concreted through metal voids in this case. Prima Materia, is a design that pursues the exploration of textures, without grids or guidelines, through the random programming of points on the surface. Control points, centroids of spheres, which generate a Boolean subtraction. Thanks to the 3D plastic impression the first prototypes were obtained, from there rubber molding, injection in wax, and the casting of molten metal on the investment. A technique handled by local jewelers. This is materialized in fine silver, this first delivery two models, limited editions.

2016 Beginning
2016 Autumn first prototype
2017 Launch